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The Storms Break



This is a first-rate account of season 1914/15. Obviously it contains an awful lot more than that, and the sheer amount of research done by Ian McCallum is quite stunning, but the definite plus point about this book from a football history point of view is that it quite comprehensively demolishes the idea that Hearts would have won the League if their men had not enlisted more or less en masse. No! They did not miss a single game that season for Hearts, and they lost the League simply because Jimmy McMenemy and Patsy Gallacher were better!
Thank you, Mr McCallum for pointing this out. The book is well worth its £20 and is a great read.


David Potter

This is an outstanding book. It is compulsory reading for anyone interested in Celtic FC, Scottish football and the social history of Glasgow and the West of Scotland over the first year of the Great War.

Hugh Burns

This book is a magnificent piece of work on a very important and often disregarded piece of history. Not only is it an invaluable piece of work on football and social history it is also an excellently written book that is a gripping read.


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